by Emily Boffeli

We’re WHIM.

We are believers in magic (not the pull a bunny out of the hat kind, though they are pretty cute), the complete surrendering of what we think is possible kind. The spark. The wonder. The utter disbelief. When all our senses are challenged to lose themselves and let go. And yet, so many of these experiences we crave are trapped and untapped… never making their way into our lives. We thought, why not change that? So, we did.

As engineers, artists and rule-breakers committed to building what's needed through sound, images and apps. We are rejectors of constraints, wildly meticulous about design and innovative with technology… we created the world's first living, breathing dynamic canvas. And we’re doing it with creators, the Stuff-makers, like you. Yep, You. Plus all the Stuff you dream up and make.

We see your all-encompassing Stuff transforming the way people live, chill and play… on a WHIM.



by Connie Lim


You found us.
Now come
see us.

WHIM gives creators an opportunity and platform to make new experiences for the home, to be discovered, shared, experienced, and not go starving doing it. You’re likely here because someone thinks you and your Stuff should be on a WHIM. So if you’re a creator and ready to jump right in, head over here and let's get you started. Live in LA and want to experience WHIM first-hand? Great! Get info about our WHIMingles and learn more about WHIM . We’d love to meet you and tell you about how you can start making the Stuff that will transform the way we live… on a WHIM.


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by Yo Meryl


Well hello there.

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